Apr 22

A Deeper Understanding of Child Maintenance With the Help of Family Law

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A Deeper Understanding of Child Maintenance With the Help of Family Law

What is meant by Child Maintenance?

Child Maintenance is the financial cost of raising children. Regardless of whether the parents are separated or together, both parents are responsible for providing means of child maintenance. Some Family Law Solicitors refer to “child maintenance” as “child support” as well.

Child maintenance generally falls into two categories:-

  • If the child the under 16 years of age.
  • If the child is under 20 years of age and in full time education.

What does it include?

It is a commonly believed that child maintenance mostly includes money. However, payment can also be made “in kind” especially applicable for non-resident parents. This means that the parent who is away from the child can make regular payments to the parent who has physical custody of the child for day to day necessities such as food, clothing, bills and education. After a divorce the responsibilities of a parent vary from case to case, to get a better idea one should seek the guidance of Family Law Solicitors.

What are “Family Based Arrangements”?

This is regarded as the most prompt and appropriate way allocating responsibilities of child maintenance. Such arrangements basically require both parents to make arrangements among themselves without the court’s involvement. The arrangement is purely based in mutual understanding of the circumstances.

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