Aug 12

A Solicitor’s Guide to the Responsibilities of Landlords in Accrington

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A Solicitor’s Guide to the Responsibilities of Landlords in Accrington

Accrington is home to many established solicitor firms that specialise in Landlord and Tenant matters. A landlord is the owner of a building or apartment that is rented out to a tenant. Many solicitors in Accrington have defined the responsibilities of a Landlord as follows:-


It is the responsibility of the Landlord to keep the structure and exterior of the property in proper working order. The landlord however, is not required to provide repairs if the damage has been caused by the tenants. Nor are they required to pay for improvements to the property.

Safe provision of Gas and Electricity:-

The landlord is required to provide safe installation and maintenance of fittings and pipe work for gas and electrical appliances.He/she should maintain a gas safety record and he/she must also show the tenants how to turn off the gas and electricity supply in the event of a leak or other problem.

Obtaining possession and Unlawful Eviction:-

A landlord is required to serve a proper eviction notice to tenants with a defined time limit. A landlord can approach the court for help only when thistime limit has expired.It is unlawful to proceed without an eviction order issued by court.


The insurance of the building is the landlord’s responsibility. On the other hand, insurance of any personal belongings is the responsibility of the tenant from the day they move in.

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