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Advice From Wills Solicitors On How To Deal With The Digital Legacy After Death

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Advice From Wills Solicitors On How To Deal With The Digital Legacy After Death

The Process of Deactivating a Social Media Account After Death:-

  • Facebook:-
    • To deactivate a deceased person’s Facebook account, you will need the following:-
      • Deceased person’s death certificate.
      • Account and email address of the deceased.
      • Proof that you are an immediate family member, executor or someone from the family wills solicitors.
    • You can either chose to have your account deleted or memorialised.
      • Memorialisation:-
        • Friends can post on the deceased’s page.
        • Only friends can see the page.
        • Can be tagged in photos.
        • Can’t be reverted back to a normal account.
      • After submitting the necessary documentation you will soon be able to:-
        • Write a post that is displayed at the top of a profile.
        • Update profile and cover photo.
        • Accept/reject friend requests.
        • Download archive of past posts and photos.
      • Twitter:-
        • According to wills solicitors, you will need the following to de-activate a twitter account:-
          • Username and Address.
          • Copy of death certificate.
          • User ID and a signed statement.
        • Pinterest:-
          • The following will be needed for deactivating a Pinterest Account:-
            • Username and Address.
            • Documentary Evidence of death which may include:-
              • Death Certificate.
              • News Article about the death.
            • Google+:-
              • Google + accounts require the following documents:-
                • A death certificate
                • The full header and content of the deceased’s email address.
              • LinkedIn:-
                • According Wills Solicitors, LinkedIn accounts require more details as compared to other social networks, these may include:-
                  • Member’s name.
                  • Emails address.
                  • Company they most recently worked for.
                  • Link to their obituary.

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