Nov 2

Advice on Eviction by Conveyance Solicitors Accrington

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Advice on Eviction by Conveyance Solicitors Accrington

Eviction is the process through which a landlord removes a tenant from his/her property. The process involves the issuance of notices and then followed by legal proceedings involving the court and bailiffs. Conveyance Solicitors Accrington have provided a list of valuable advice that every landlord should consider:-

  • You are allowed to involve the court for eviction of your tenant only if you have sent in a valid possession notice first and waited for this notice period to expire.
  • It is against the law to evict a tenant without obtaining a court order for possession. If the tenant still does not vacate property, then the help of bailiffs should be sought.Asking your tenants to vacate the property to without using proper protocol is considered illegal, as your tenants may charge you for harassment.
  • Before seeking eviction, other alternatives should always be considered. Often solutions are simpler then they seem.
  • Taking someone’s home away from them is a very serious matter. Therefore courts will expect that the landlords have followed proper procedures in issuing notices and filing proper perfect paperwork, mistakes in this regard will not be ignored.

Walker Wise Conveyance Solicitors Accrington have gained the reputation and experience to handle all kinds eviction cases for the most difficult tenants and landlords. For our expert services, contact us right away by phone on 01254 300 966 or email for all your Conveyancing needs.