Apr 13

Can I Claim an Unclaimed Estate? Advice of Will and Probate Solicitors

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Can I Claim an Unclaimed Estate? Advice of Will and Probate Solicitors

In the UK there are more than 15,000 estates of deceased people who are unclaimed. This is primarily because the owner of the estate died without making a Will. The value of these estates is estimated to be valued between a few thousands to millions of Pounds. At the moment, no blood relatives have come forward to claim their share, nor has the state been able to trace back to whom the estate belong to and to whom it should belong to now. The following text contains the guidance of wills and probate solicitors if you believe that you may be a worthy heir of an unclaimed estate.

What Happens to an Unclaimed Estate?

If no one comes forward to claim the estate within 12 years (or under special circumstances 35 years) it is passed to the state.

What Should I Do?

You should start checking if anyone in your family has recently died leaving behind a valuable estate. Wills and Probate solicitors recommend considering the following:-

  • There may be estates beyond the UK that you may be entitled to.
  • You will not know the exact value of the estate.
  • Your surname might not be the same as the deceased due to marriages and generations.
  • Even if a beneficiary has come forward, it may take several months to settle the claim. For larger and more complex cases it may take years.

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