Apr 18

Do I need the Family Law Solicitors Even When I am getting Married?

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Do I need the  Family Law Solicitors Even When I am getting Married?

Family Law Solicitors are in high demand considering the high rate of divorces these days. Family Law Solicitors are also needed whilst fighting child custody battles. However, little is known regarding the role that the Family Law Solicitors play when someone is getting married. The following text elaborates on these scenarios.

To Draft a Prenuptial Agreement:-

A prenuptial agreement is useful when one or both partners bring considerable assets to the marriage. In short, the agreement is in place to protect the wealthy spouse from their opportunist “gold digger” spouse.

To Draft a New Will:-

Once you get married, your existing Will is automatically is revoked. Since your responsibilities change after getting married, the Family Law Solicitors will be needed to draft a new Will. Their service will also be needed if you plan on giving parts of your property as a gift to your spouse.

To Provide Immigration Support:-

The services of the Family Law Solicitors are invaluable when you need assistance with residency matters of brides or grooms who are not British Nationals. The Solicitors will be able to guide regarding matters for tax and/or immigration Law with respect to your marriage.



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