Nov 12

Family Law Solicitors Advocate the Different Options Other than Divorce

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Family Law Solicitors Advocate the Different Options Other than Divorce

In the unfortunate event of ending a marriage  there will be a number of things that you will have to settle with your partner including:-

  • Childcare
  • Finances
  • Living arrangements
  • Division of Property and Possessions

According to Family Law Solicitors, partners have some options other than divorce for ending a marriage. These include:-

  • Informal Separation without Going to Court.
  • Separation based on a separation agreement.
  • Judicial Separation.

Informal Separation without Going to Court:-

A married couple can separate based on an informal agreement. However for this to be possible, you and your partner can make arrangements about the above mentioned matters without going to court. It should be noted that any informal arrangement might create complications if the married couple decides on going to court in the future.The court might decide that an informal agreement made between the couple may not be in the best interests of the children involved.

Separation based on a separation agreement:-

A couple can stop living together based on a written separation agreement. This agreement is usually written and agreed upon in the presence of Family Law Solicitors and it states how the finances, property and children arrangements are settled. This agreement may also state the following:

  • The details and conditions of living separately
  • Agreements on not to interfere with each other’s’ lives
  • Financial Support arrangements. However these will stop once either partner chooses to live with someone else.
  • Financial Support arrangements for children.
  • The visitation rights of children (if any).

The advantage of this option is that both parties can agree on the terms and conditions before drawing up a written agreement.

Judicial Separation:-

If a couple wants to separate without going through a divorce, then Judicial Separation is the way to go about it. This option is favorable when divorce is either not applicable or not favorable due to reasons such as:-

  • Divorce cannot be opted due religious restrictions.
  • The couple got married less than a year ago.
  • You want the time and space to decide if you want to go ahead with the divorce.

A judicial separation does not legally end a marriage. If the couple wishes, they can remarry or reunite again.

For details regarding various options based on your circumstances, it is advisable to get in touch with expert Family Law Solicitors, such as Walker Wise Solicitors. Contact us as soon as possible by phone on 01254 300 966 or email and let us guide you with your options.