Jun 22

Guidance of Family Law Solicitors with respect the Adopting a “Looked-After Child”

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Guidance of Family Law Solicitors with respect the Adopting a “Looked-After Child”

If you are at least 21 years old and you can provide a permanent, stable and caring home you can make an application for adopting a child. To be eligible to apply you need to be:-
– Single parent.
– A partner of a parent who intends to adopt a child.
– A married couple.
– In a civil partnership.
– Or be living as partners in a stable relationship.
According to family law solicitors, the process of adopting an already “looked after” child is significantly different; the following text contains more details.

Who is a Looked- After Child?
A looked-after child is one who is on public care. This means that they are looked after by a local authority (LA). To adopt a looked after child you will need to submit an application to the adoption agency which will evaluate your suitability. The final decision will however be made by the court. You should speak to family law solicitors near you for more information.

What happens when the adoption agency accepts your written application?
Once you application has been accepted, you will be:-
– Invited for preparation classes where you will be briefed on the various aspects of adoption.
– Required to go through police checks.
– Required to go through a full medical exam.
– Visited by a social worker to assess your suitability.
The adoption agency may even speak to referees who know you and your family.
For more information you are welcome to get in touch with the family law solicitors at Walker Wise Solicitors by phone on 01254 300 966 or email enquiries@walkerwise.co.uk.