Jul 20

Guidance of Family Law Solicitors with respect to a Father’s Rights

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Guidance of Family Law Solicitors with respect to a Father’s Rights

The rights of a father are often surrounded by controversy and we often get to hear about unfortunate circumstances where the father is denied access to his children following a divorce. However, for a father to be able to see his children regularly he has to come to terms with his legal position. In the text below we will look at the facts surrounding parental rights of a father in light of the experiences of Family Law Solicitors.
The Legal Position of a Father:-
As per Law, both parents have responsibilities towards their children. Likewise, a child has a right to have an on-going relationship with both parents as long as the court considers it safe and appropriate. According to family law solicitors, both parents have equal responsibility towards the emotional, physical, psychological and financial wellbeing of the children involved. Hence, making sure that the child is given the opportunities to flourish in life.
Fathers with Parental Responsibility:-
Some fathers automatically have responsibility of their children. This is known as parental responsibility. Fathers can have parental responsibility if:-
– They are married to the child’s mother.
– They are mentioned on the child’s birth certificate.
– They have entered in a parental responsibility agreement with the mother.
– They are granted parental responsibility from the court.

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