Apr 20

Guidance of Family Law Solicitors With Respect to Care Orders

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Guidance of Family Law Solicitors With Respect to Care Orders

A Care Order is an order set out by the court that entitles a local authority to take responsibility of a child. The responsibility is shared with the person who is currently responsible for the child. Individuals from the local authority will participate in the decisions that need to be made for the welfare of the child. However, the final say will lie with the local authority as long as the care order is in effect. According to Family Law Solicitors the care order may result in the child living away from home; although sometimes the local authorities may not always decide to do so.

When is a Care Order Needed?

Care Orders are almost always needed when the child is subjected to either one (or both) of the following:-

  • Neglect
  • Abuse

According to Family Law Solicitors children are said to be “neglected” the carer of parent is seriously failing in satisfying the child’s basis needs such as:-

  • Adequate Medical Care.
  • Proper Nutrition.
  • Acceptable standards of Education.
  • Adequate hygienic conditions.

On the other hand your child can be considered as a victim of “abuse” if he/she had to bear:-

  • Physical Abuse:-
    • Such as being hit, injured or even given harmful substances such as alcohol.
  • Sexual Abuse:-
    • In which your child is forced or tricked into participating in any kind of sexual activity.
  • Emotional Abuse:-
    • Such as being rejected, verbally abused and frequent witnessing of domestic violence.

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