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Guidance of Family Law Solicitors With Respect to Injunctions

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Guidance of Family Law Solicitors With Respect to Injunctions

If you are involved in an abusive marriage or civil partnership you have certain options that can help you get through your difficult time. The following text elaborates on the various facts surrounding Injunctions and recommendations of family law solicitors.

What is an Injunction?

Injunctions are court orders that layout what someone is or is not allowed to do. According to Family Law Act 1996 injunctions can be of the following types:-

  • A Non-Molestation order.
  • An Occupation Order.

If you partner has resorted to violence, harassment or provocation against you or your children you may apply for “non-molestation” order. This order will make sure that you and your children are protected under the law. However, if matters are more severe the family law solicitors recommend applying for an “occupation order”. This order can restrict the abuser from living with you and family as it is a legal way of outlining who is and isn’t allowed to live in your home.

How to apply for an Injunction?

To be able to apply for an injunction you need to be associated to a household or partner in any of the following ways:-

  • You and the abuser are married or agreed to marry.
  • You and the abuser are in a civil partnership.
  • You and the abuser live in the same household.
  • There are children involved.
  • You are related to the abuser in anyway.

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