Guidance of Landlord and Tenants Solicitors with Regards to “Surrendering” a tenancy

Before both parties get involved in a long term landlord and tenant relationship it is recommended that a written agreement is signed between them. There are tenancies that exist without written agreements and both parties take their verbal agreements just as seriously. But when the time comes to prove matters in court there is not much to work with. When a legally binding agreement has been made between both parties then it is recommended that they do their best to honour it. May it be paying the amount of rent, the mode of payment, furniture and appliances and even ending the tenancy. In the text below landlord and tenants solicitors have shared their knowledge regarding the process of ending a tenancy.

If both Parties agree:-
If both parties agree on prematurely ending a tenancy then this is known as “surrendering” the tenancy. There are two ways in which this surrender may occur:-
– Surrender by Operation of the Law.
– Declaration of Surrender.
You should speak to your local landlord and tenants solicitors regarding which method to use.
Surrender by Operation of the Law:-
This involves the tenant giving up their occupation of the property to the landlord and the landlord accepting this. This may also involve the tenant handing over the property’s keys to the landlord and the landlord accepting that the agreement is over and the tenancy has come to an end. The tenants can then proceed to remove their furniture from the property.
Declaration of Surrender:-
Unlike the previous mode, the landlord may require the tenant to sign a Declaration of Surrender that is proof the tenancy has come to end and both parties agree to it.

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