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Guidance of the Best Immigration Law Solicitors with Respect to Citizenship Ceremonies

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Guidance of the Best Immigration Law Solicitors with Respect to Citizenship Ceremonies

Once you have been granted Citizenship the UKBA will send you a letter confirming that you are now a British Citizen. Also included in this letter will be an invitation to a Citizenship Ceremony that will be hosted by registrars near you on behalf of the UKBA. The Citizenship Ceremony is an important event and should be treated the exact same way. The following text contains guidance of the best immigration law solicitors on the matter.

What is the Significance of this Ceremony?

The purpose of the Citizenship Ceremony is to welcome you into your local community where you will also meet other people who are also becoming British Citizens. If you are not currently in the UK, this ceremony can be held in the diplomatic offices in your country of stay.

Who is responsible for organising it?

The invitation letter you receive will also contain details of the people responsible for organising the ceremony for you. You will have 90 days to attend the ceremony. The ceremony will most probably be held in public buildings near you, however if you wish a specific location or a private ceremony you can send a request your local authority. The Best Immigration Law Solicitors may be able to help you in this regard.

What happens in the Ceremony?

In the ceremony you will be required to make an oath of allegiance or affirmation.

  • Oath of Allegiance:-
    • You will have to swear to Almighty God on becoming a British Citizen you will bear true allegiance to the Queen Elizabeth the Second and all her heirs and successors.
  • Affirmation of Allegiance:-
    • This is the same as the Oath, except that you will not have to swear by Almighty God. It will have the same effect nonetheless.

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