Jul 28

Guidance of Will and Probate Solicitors Regarding Deathbed Gifts

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Guidance of Will and Probate Solicitors Regarding Deathbed Gifts

It is possible for someone who already drafted a legally valid will to give away part of his/her state to someone as a gift, apart from the other preferences mentioned in the will, sometime before death. If there is no will, then even the rules of intestacy will not have effect on this gift. The Concept of Deathbed Gifts is a relatively common and is used mostly by people who want to give away part of their estate to someone who they deem eligible without having previously mentioned them or the “gift” in the Will. In the text below Will and probate solicitors have shared more details about the matter.

The Denatio Mortis Causa:-
The Denatio Mortis Causa or DMC is a method trough with someone can bypass the usual requirement and leave parts or whole of their estate to chosen beneficiaries. According to will and probate solicitors the deathbed gift does not require a will; however, it will require the following three conditions:-
– The deceased must have been contemplating eminent death at the time the gift was given.
– The gift is only transferred after death and can be revoked any time prior to death.
– The deceased must personally deliver control of the gift to the chosen beneficiary.

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