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Immigration solicitors in Bolton uk

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Immigration solicitors in Bolton uk

A Look at EU Immigration Statistics Courtesy of Immigration Solicitors in Bolton

An estimated 270,000 citizens from other EU countries immigrated to the UK and approximately 85,000 went abroad. Therefore, the net migration was estimated at 185,000. Frankly, this is the highest record level to date. The gap between non-EU immigration and emigration has always been high however the gap is narrowing due to the large number of EU Immigration. In the text below we will look at the different statistics regarding Immigration to the UK courtesy of Immigration Solicitors in Bolton.

Reasons for Coming to the UK:-

It has been observed that the majority of the citizens coming in from EU countries came for the purpose of work only. While only a minority came to study to join their family. On the contrary, non-EU immigrants came to the UK to study. More accurately:-

  • EU Nationals:-
    • 41% came for a confirmed employment.
    • 32% came in search of a job.
    • 7% came to join their family.
    • 15% came to study.
  • Non-EU Nationals:-
    • 22% came for a confirmed employment.
    • 9% were looking for a job.
    • 18% came to join their family.
    • 47% came to study.

According to immigration solicitors in Bolton and other experts, the portion of EU immigrants has increased due to the expansion of the EU as a result of which Southern European countries have to face economic problems.


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