Oct 20

Important Guidelines on Making and Storing a Will and the Need for Wills Solicitors

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Important Guidelines on Making and Storing a Will and the Need for Wills Solicitors

A will is a legal document that states how a deceased person’s assets are to be divided among inheritors.

The Importance of A Will:-

Whether you have many possessions or not, making a will is a very important task:-

  • If a person dies without a will there are certain rules that dictate the separation of all assets. It is possible that these rules might go against what the deceased would have intended. Therefore it is a good idea to leave behind a will.
  • Partners who have not registered a civil partnership will not be allowed to inherit from each other without a will. If one partner dies without a will the remaining partner may have to face financial problems.
  • The will secures the rights of any children. It can dictate the financial arrangements for the children if either one or both parents die.
  • With a will in place the inheritance tax can be reduced.
  • Your Will represents changes in circumstances, for example you might specify how your assets will be divided amongst dependants after a divorce or separation.

The Role of Solicitors:-

Although there is no need to create a will in the presence of Wills Solicitors, nonetheless a solicitor can offer sound advice in creating a will that has the effect you want. The solicitor will help identify errors that may result in problems after your death. A solicitor assists in clarifying misunderstandings and settling disputes that might surface after your death.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits the Solicitor becomes necessary in reference to the following:-

  • The property is shared with a civil partner, i.e. someone who is not a husband/wife.
  • You are interested in making donations for a dependant who cannot care for themselves.
  • There other people who might make a claim as well, such as the first wife/husband or children from a previous marriage.
  • You are a permanent resident of the UK.
  • Overseas property is involved.
  • A business or franchise is part of the estate.

Where to store a will:-

After a will has been finalised, it should be kept somewhere safe and separate from other documents. For example, it can be stored :-

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