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Important Statistics regarding Divorces in the UK, courtesy of Family Law Solicitors

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Important Statistics regarding Divorces in the UK, courtesy of Family Law Solicitors

Introduction to Getting a Divorce:-

  • If you wish to get a divorce in the UK, you will need to prove the following:-
    • That you have been married for at least a year.
    • And your marriage has permanently broken down.
  • The Divorce Process Consists of the Following Steps:-
    • After seeking the assistance of Family Law Solicitors you will first need to file a Divorce Petition:-
      • In this step you basically seek the court’s permission to divorce after showing reasons of why you want the marriage to end.
    • Apply for a decree nisi:-
      • If your spouse agrees to the divorce, you will get a document stating that you have no reason to go on living together.
    • Apply for a decree absolute:-
      • Six weeks after receiving a decree nisi, you may receive a decree absolute that will state that your marriage has ended legally.

Some Interesting Statistics:-

  • Duration of Marriage:-
    • 21% of the married couples in the UK filed for divorce within the first decade of marriage. On the other hand, more than 74% of married couples divorced within 11 to 20 years after getting married.
  • Instigator:-
    • More than 68% of divorces were instigated by women. On the contrary, men were the petitioners to only 4% of these divorces. Both couples instigated the process only 28% of the time.
  • Value:-
    • The average value of total family assets being distributed in more than 30% divorces in the UK was from £500,000 to £1,000,000.
  • Grounds for Divorce:-
    • The leading reason behind all divorces was either:-
      • Growing apart, or falling out of love at a staggering 27%.
      • Adultery came in second at 25%.
    • However, often these reasons are difficult to prove that is why family law solicitors advise on using “reasonable behaviour” (or the lack of) as the grounds for divorce.
  • Rise in Pre-Nuptials:-
    • 89% of the respondents have seen a rise in pre-nuptial work after a UK Ruling allowed them more weight.
  • Concealment:-
    • 40% found that one in 10 cases to be hiding assets.
  • Economy:-
    • 82 % of the Family Law Solicitorsinvolved in divorce cases believed that the delay in divorce proceedings was caused by mainly due to the recession, due to which there was a lack in the liquidity of personal assets.