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Judicial review

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Judicial review

Judicial Review; a Life Saving Option

If your visa application was been refused you will receive a letter from the Home Office stating the reasons behind your refusal. This letter will also mention whether you are allowed to make an appeal or not. If you applied for asylum in the UK you may be devastated to find out that your application has been denied without permissions for an appeal. This can be especially discouraging if your life is in danger back home. Luckily, refusal cases that have been denied rights to appeal can still make a Judicial Review Claim in hopes of possibly reversing the original decision.

What is a Judicial Review?

A Judicial Review is a process that challenges the lawfulness of a decision made by a public authority. For asylum cases this public authority is the Home Office. The Judicial Review is carried by the court to make sure that the original decision is legal. If the court finds that the decision is based on the law then it can force the decision to be nullified. However, for a making such a claim the applicants must present substantial evidence that represents the possible risks to their lives upon return to their birthplaces.

Without a Judicial Review and rights for making an appeal, applicants that have applied for asylum would have been forced to return back home where they are surrounded by a life threatening environment.

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