Oct 16

Landlord & Tenant Solicitors Accrington and Common Tenancy Issues

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Landlord & Tenant Solicitors Accrington and Common Tenancy Issues

A landlord is the owner of a commercial or private property. The landlord rents out the property to a tenant who will be using the property for an agreed payment (rent).

Buying property in hopes of renting it out is considered as a good long term investment and a source of a stable income. However, a tenant’s concerns regarding the property are the responsibility of the landlord. And it is his/her duty to make things right. This is usually where disputes are encountered which eventually lead to the involvement of Landlord & Tenant Solicitors Accrington. In this article we have made an effort to identify common problems that a landlord may have to face:-

  1. Your tenant is not paying the agreed amount of rent and/or breaching other terms and conditions.
  2. Your property requires repairs but you cannot make the necessary arrangements while the tenant continues to occupy your property.
  3. You tenant has brought to your attention a defect in your property, yet you are in doubt of who is responsible.
  4. Your tenant complains about neighbours and you do not know how to respond.
  5. Your tenant may have involved the Local Authority but you are not aware of the relevant issues.


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