May 17

Looking Out for fraudulent Will and Probate Solicitors

Looking Out for fraudulent Will and Probate Solicitors

Looking Out for fraudulent Will and Probate Solicitors
It is bad enough that a loved one has just died in your family only to later find out that that you have been conned by dishonest solicitors just adds onto to the misery. Even though some estate matters are best left to will and probate solicitors, it’s not a bad idea to be privy to the entire process.

The Value of a Solicitor should not be undermined:-
Not all solicitors are the same. There many solicitors and solicitor firms that have built a stellar reputation based on their honest and proficient advice related to all estate matters. Complicated estate matters need to be taken to expert will and probate solicitors only.

What can you do?
– Where do I start?
o First of all, you should look for a valid will. Unfortunately, only 1/10 people leave behind one. You can speak to will and probate solicitors who the deceased may have been in touch with.
– Is Probate necessary?
o Not all estate matters require probate. Probate is only required when the estate is valued more than £5,000.
– Who will start the process?
o A will usually names an executor to carry out the distribution of the estate in accordance to the will. The distribution of the estate is essentially initiated by the executor.
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