May 16

Medical Negligence Injury Claims Solicitors Accrington

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Medical Negligence Injury Claims Solicitors Accrington

Of all personal injury claims, medical negligence cases are the most depressing; especially considering the level of trust that patients have in medical professionals. They come to them in times of need and maybe even extreme agony with hopes of recovery and solace; only later to receive treatment that would have the exact opposite effect. The following text elaborates on the various facts surrounding medical negligence and its various types in light of the experiences of injury claims solicitors Accrington.

Key Aspects of Medical Negligence Claims:-

According to injury claims solicitors Accrington a medical professional has a “duty of care” towards all patients that requires them to provide acceptable standards of services. However, if this duty of care is “breached” as a result of which the patient has to suffer damages then the patient is eligible for compensation.

What can contribute to Medical Negligence?

According to Injury Claims Solicitors Accrington the following can be considered as Medical Negligence:-

  • If the health care professional lies about their abilities, qualification or training with respect to certain medical procedures they are considered to be negligent in their line of work.
  • Foreign qualified doctors may have fabricated their qualifications in some way as a result of which they may not be fit for a particular task. It is important that qualifications of all medical professionals are verified for authenticity.

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