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Personal Injury Solicitor

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Personal Injury Solicitor


            A personal injury claims process consists of a client, defendant and a solicitor. The Client is the person or party who has come forward with a Personal Injury Claim. If approached, the Solicitor is the legal expert who will assist the client in all matters of the case. With the help of the solicitor the client files a complaint against the Defendant who is the person or party considered responsible for the accident. The claim will be supported with the opinion of the Medical Expert on the injuries sustained in the accident. If the client and defendant can agree on reasonable compensation, matters can be settled without the involvement of the Court, which is the ultimate authority in all legal matters.

The Role of a personal injury solicitor can include the following:-

  1. The Solicitor is consulted when sending the claim to the defendant. He/she will advise on what details of the accident and injuries to include. The reports provided by the medical expert will also be included to support the claim.
  2. If the defendant accepts responsibility, then negotiations can start between him/her and the client over the amount of compensation. The solicitor communicates the offers and counter offers made by the defendant and client respectively. If a reasonable amount is agreed upon, then the matters are settled without the involvement of court.
  3. If no agreement is reached between client and defendant, the solicitor advises the client to take matters to court. Based on the facts presented by the solicitor, the court may award compensation to the client according to the claim.

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