Oct 15

Protocols Followed by Personal Injury Solicitors Accrington

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Protocols Followed by Personal Injury Solicitors Accrington

Personal Injury Claims can be a very complicated and lengthy procedure. However to help in the uninterrupted progress of the claims procedure a Personal Injury Protocol has been defined as follows:-

  1. The Solicitor sends a claim to the defendant on behalf of the client. This letter will detail the accident and injuries. The opinion of the medical expert will also be included to support the claim. The defendant then has 21 days to respond to the claim.
  1. Provided that the defendant has acknowledged and replied to the claim sent by the Personal Injury Solicitors Accrington but not admitted liability, he/she will have 3 months starting from the date of acknowledgment to complete their investigations. Within this time the defended responds either by accepting responsibility or denying it. In case of a denial they should present  relevant documents that support their denial of liability.
  2. If the defendant accepts responsibility then he/she is bound by this admission for all reasonable claims relating to the accident.
  3. As per rules, the claimants are required to send documentation and proof of expenses that the accident victim(s) had to bear due to the accident. These expenses should prove the amounts claimed.

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