Commercial Contracts

Commercial arrangements which both exploit the benefits of your relationships and protect against the downsides has never been more important. An effective and enforceable set of arrangements with both your suppliers and your customers is the bedrock of financial success for any business.

The challenge in today’s market is to ensure that not only are your major relationships properly captured and documented but also reducing risk, whilst less high profile arrangements are managed and controlled.

We focus on getting the right deal for you, negating the need for overly drawn-out negotiations or red-penning your contracts without considering the implications of lengthy legal debates.

By being fair and realistic, we can bring a deal to conclusion without delay. At the same time ensure that all crucial elements have been covered and that you are fully protected.

Not every commercial contract has to be bespoke, and we can give you great value for money with more standard contracts, tailored to your individual needs.

To discuss this in further detail, please contact Aseid Malik – Head of Corporate & Commercial.

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