Landlord & Tenant

No matter how informal you consider it, leasing a property creates a legal relationship between the owner of a building and their tenant(s).

Walker Wise Solicitors offers advice on all Landlord and Tenant Matters including:

  • Recovery of overdue amounts.
  • Revision of rents.
  • Repossession Procedures.
  • Eviction.
  • Disputes over
    • Deposits
    • Property
    • Neighbours, etc.
  • Agreements over tenants.
  • Negotiating and drafting a lease.
  • Service charge disputes.

Based on our experience and expertise, we have won our clients’ trust for our services in leases and contracts. Our solicitors provide the best possible solution in disputes over even the most unstable and confusing contracts.

Contact us by phone on 01254 300 966 or email Our Landlord and Tenant law expert will offer you free initial advice and complete services at competitive rates.

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