From procurement to sales, from management to HR, manufacturing relies on hard-working and practical contracts.

We believe in taking a light-touch approach to this, knowing that overdoing the amount of negotiations and discussions can often get in the way of good business.

We understand manufacturing and have the experience to advise you on the best approach to international contracts, managing your labour force, and using devices such as ‘golden hello’s’ and over-riders to keep your cost base low and your profitability high.

A lot of our work is carried out in outsourcing contracts as manufacturers rationalise, restructure and improve their efficiency. We can also advise you on environmental issues and manage any disputes, using mediation and practical resolutions to avoid costly courtroom situations.

We see ourselves as your partner for all forms of contractual and legal support and believe that finding a way through the law, to maintain strong business relationships is essential.

Key Contact: Aseid Malik Head of corporate and Commercial
01254 300966