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Solicitors Statistics on Serious Personal Injuries in the UK

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Solicitors Statistics on Serious Personal Injuries in the UK

Serious injuries require a person to be admitted into a hospital for treatment.These may include fractures, internal injuries, burns (excluding friction burns), severe cuts and severe shock. In the UK a person is injured every 8 hours. These injuries may result from:-

  • Road traffic accidents.
  • Slip, trip or fall accidents.
  • Accidents from malfunctioning equipment.
  • Medical accidents.
  • And even assault.

Following is a brief annual statistical analysis of serious Personal Injury cases according to Solicitors in the UK:-

Brain Injury:-

  • 135,000 people are admitted into the hospital as a result of a brain injury.
  • In the UK there are more than 500,000 people, aged between 16 – 74, who live with long term disabilities as result of brain injury.
  • 85% of brain injuries are minor, 10% are moderate and 5% are severe.

Loss of Limbs:-

  • Loss of Limbs and amputation have resulted in
    • Chest Infections.
    • Stroke.
    • Death.
    • Wound Infections.
    • Heart Attack.

Spinal Injury:-

  • 24 % were as a result of motor vehicle accidents.
  • 28 % were as a result of work accidents.
  • 9 % were slip, trip or fall accidents.
  • 16% were sporting accidents.
  • 4% were as a result of violence.

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