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Stepwise Guide to Seeking Asylum by Immigration Solicitors Accrington

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Stepwise Guide to Seeking Asylum by Immigration Solicitors Accrington

The right of asylum, also known as political asylum, is when a person, victimized by his own country, seeks the protection of another independent authority or foreign country. Following is a set of steps that need to be followed when seeking asylum in the UK:-


Before we recognize you as a refugee, we will need evidence that proves that you are truly at risk of being persecuted based on your race, religion, nationality and participation to other social groups. You will also need to prove that your country is refusing to offer you protection.

The term “humanitarian protection” is referred to when you apply for permission to stay in our country to avoid inhumane treatment back home. This will mean that you have escaped your country to secure your human rights. Based on the information you provide, Immigration Solicitors Accrington will give you a better idea whether you are applying for humanitarian reasons of other.

Screening interview

If you apply after you have arrived in the UK, you have to apply to the Asylum Screening Unit in Croydon. Here you will have to appear in a ‘screening interview’ where Immigration officials will get information from you regarding how arrived and where you come from. After securing your photographs and fingerprints you will be issued an Application Registration Card (ARC) which is proof that you applied for asylum. Your process will then be further decided upon by Immigration Officials.

Asylum interview

Following your screening interview you will have to appear in an Asylum Interview in which you will be asked more details on why you are seeking asylum. Be sure to mention as many details as possible, including expert reports and official documentation if any. The interview is important as it will help the officials decide whether or not you deserve asylum in the UK.

Financial Assistance:-

National Asylum Support Service (NASS) support provides asylum seekers who have no means of supporting themselves. And once your asylum request has been approved you may be you may be sent to another part of the country for housing

You might be told to leave the UK:-

If your claim for asylum is refused and your appeals have gone in vain then you will have to leave the UK.

Walker Wise Immigration Solicitors Accrington have given hope to many families who have been deprived of their security in their native countries. Our solicitors approach all asylum cases with compassion and professionalism. Contact us right away by phone on 01254 300 966 or email enquiries@walkerwise.co.uk