Apr 26

The Guidance of Family Law Solicitors With Respect to Stepchild Adoption

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The Guidance of Family Law Solicitors With Respect to Stepchild Adoption

There are certain steps that you need to take before you can adopt a stepchild a partner’s child. For example you are required to inform the local council of where you intend to go through such an adoption at least three months prior to submitting an application. Parental responsibility is granted on the base of this application. The text below contains more details regarding child adoption in light of the experiences of Family Law Solicitors.


Is Adoption needed for parental responsibility?

Step parents can acquire parental responsibility without having to go through the process of adoption if:-

  • They have the approval of both birth parents and anyone else with parental responsibility.
  • The court has given the order of doing so.

The purpose of taking this route is that birth parents do not have to give up their parental responsibilities and the child is not legally separated from the birth parents. This scenario is ideal for married couples or civil partners. Get in touch with Family Law Solicitors for more information.


The Child Adoption Application:-

In case you married to a single parent you may submit an application to share parental responsibility. If the application is accepted then the court will remove parental responsibility from one of the birth parents. The same rule applies to any previous people (other than birth parents) who were given parental responsibility.

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