Jan 19

The Guidelines of Family Law Solicitors with Respect to Child Adoption

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The Guidelines of Family Law Solicitors with Respect to Child Adoption

Child Adoption is referred to when a child becomes a member of a new family and has one or two new parents. If you are 21 years of age and are capable of providing a permanent, stable caring home for the child, your application of child adoption will be considered valid. However, seeking the advice of family law solicitors should be done beforehand to make sure you are eligible.

What are the Adoption Orders and who gives them?

Once adoption orders are given, then the birth parents lose parental rights and responsibilities over their child and these rights are completely given to the adoptive parents. The adoption orders are given by the court and once they are given, the child becomes a complete member of the new family. The child will be given the surname of the adoptive parents and they will have complete rights/privileges in the same way as if they were born to these parents, which include the right to inheritance.

Family Law Solicitors do however warn of the court’s strict criteria, according to which, the following will have to be met:-

  • The child will have to be less than 18 years of age at the time of adoption.
  • The child should not, should never have been in a marriage or civil partnership.
  • Both parents need to agree with the adoption.

Child Adoption is a sensitive matter, which is why it is advised that you seek the guidance of family law solicitors before taking any steps. You are more than welcome to contact the experts at Walker Wise Solicitors by phone on 01254 300 966 or email enquiries@walkerwise.co.uk