Nov 17

The Job Description of Conveyancing Solicitors Accrington

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The Job Description of Conveyancing Solicitors Accrington

Licensed Conveyance Solicitors are legal professionals who specialise in the property law. They usually work on behalf of clients who are interested in the sale or purchase of property which include:-

  • Houses
  • Flats
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Land

Conveyancing solicitors Accrington routinely deal with the legal matters, administration concerns, financial procedures and general related queries relevant to property transactions. These specialists are also capable of negotiating and processing contracts for transfers, mortgages and leases. They are well versed regarding the additional documents that sellers and purchasers need to sign to finalise the transaction. A seasoned conveyancer will routinely advise his clients on the technicalities of these documents and the financial effects they hold.

Typical tasks involved in the routine working of a conveyancer include:-

  • Gathering information and communicating it with the clients and others by any means necessary, may it be in person, on the phone, by post or by email.
  • Being a 21st century professional, the conveyancer should be able to use computerised systems for conveyancing tasks. Today there are many software and cloud based systems that allow conveyancing tasks to be done more easily.
  • The conveyancer should work strictly under his client’s instructions, deviating from them portrays a lack of professionalism.
  • A conveyancer should be able to detect any potential fraud or misconduct in the arrangements.
  • An ideal conveyancer always works in his client’s best interests.
  • The conveyancer will work extensively on communication terms of engagement. He will also provide an estimate of compulsory processing fees beforehand.
  • The conveyancer should also verify the ownership and title of property before negotiations can take place.
  • The other property will also contact their conveyancer, who will propose his own agreement contract. Your conveyancer should be able to check the agreement for any ambiguities and discrepancies.
  • After verifying all supporting legal documents, the conveyancer should ensure proper exchange of contracts to complete the transaction. He should also deal with all the financial aspects of a transaction.
  • If the property is leased then he should oversee the tenancy and rent agreements.

Conveyancing is a very complicated task. Those who have been handled by an experienced conveyance solicitor know how easy the whole process becomes. However, there are examples of conveyancing procedures that resulted in confusion and loss for property ownership due to the incompetence of the conveyance solicitor. Here at Walkerwise Solicitors, we realise the importance of experience and knowledge of that of Conveyancing Solicitors Accrington. That is why our solicitors are handpicked based on their past records and qualifications. Contact us right away by phone on 01254 300 966 or email