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The Problem Will and Probate Solicitors have to face in Proving Undue Influence

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The Problem Will and Probate Solicitors have to face in Proving Undue Influence

There is a common misconception about the responsibilities of a tenant when starting a new private tenancy. In the UK, where every aspect of a landlord and tenant relationship has been regularised, there are still some people who are alarmed when they hear of the additional cost of private renting. The following text elaborates on these costs in light of the experiences of Landlord and Tenants Solicitors.

Paying rent is the most obvious expense of a tenant. If you have signed a tenancy agreement with your landlord, you will be well aware of the amount of rent, the agreement upon date and mode of payment. However, it should be noted that in almost all tenancies rent is paid in advance.

Tenancy Deposit:-
In anticipation of the worst, landlords demand a certain amount as tenancy deposit. This deposit is meant for recovering arrears in rent, utilities and even damage to the property at the end of a tenancy. However, the landlord has to initially deposit this amount with a tenancy deposit scheme and present the tenants with proof of this deposit. Both parties need to get in touch with landlord and tenants solicitors for more information.

Agent Fees:-
The person who found your desired property for you has mouths to feed at home. So when you finalise a home you will have to pay off the agent. However, it is illegal for an agent to charge you for simply showing you a home. They do not get paid until you reach a verdict.

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