Jan 20

The Risks of Hiring an Unregulated Will Writer instead of Wills Solicitors

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The Risks of Hiring an Unregulated Will Writer instead of Wills Solicitors

If you want to protect your estate from fraud, you should avoid involving unregulated will writers. The following text elaborates on why hiring experienced and licensed wills solicitors is the best approach.

They Know their Job:-

If you hire an unregulated will writer, you will always be at risk of mistakes that may not be capable of being resolved after you die. With wills solicitors, you get the peace of mind that your Will is being drafted by an experienced professional who is well versed in all legal aspects of drafting a will. Solicitors are properly trained and possess in-depth knowledge in the relevant area. Wills and Probate is a very complex area of law, and cannot be learnt overnight.

They will Give the Best Advice:-

A wills solicitor is capable of giving sensible and practical advice before drafting your will. They will not try to sell you services and/or documents that you do not need. You will also be warned of preferences that might cause problems afterwards.

They Understand the Consequences:-

Wills Solicitors are aware of their client’s circumstances to ensure that all possible issues are discussed therefore minimising the risk of unintended consequences. An unregulated will writer has little or no knowledge of the law, and potential issues will go unnoticed.

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