Aug 20

The Role of Company Law Solicitors Lancashire

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The Role of Company Law Solicitors Lancashire

Running a Business requires the services of solicitors and firms that specialise in company law or commercial law. Other than the matters of how to ‘create’ and ‘execute’ a business, some issues are also addressed that prescribe what will happen if the business owner dies. These include:-

Property Protection:-

To avoid expensive disputes on your property, company law solicitors Lancashire help in creating a well drafted Will that appoints guardians for your children, gives financial security to dependents and nominates someone to carry out your requirements.

Business Wealth Protection:-

A business that generates a respectable income with one or more shareholders needs a Shareholder Agreement to define what happens to the business as a result of a conflict, illness or death. The shareholder agreement specifies the number of shares each person owns, who makes executive decisions, and what happens in the event of a conflict.

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