Apr 4

The Three Stages of Conveyancing Courtesy of Conveyancing Lawyers

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The Three Stages of Conveyancing Courtesy of Conveyancing Lawyers

Conveyancing is the Process through which the ownership of a property (residential or commercial) is transferred from a seller to a buyer. The process of Conveyancing is somewhat complicated that is why all matters need to be taken care of by experienced Conveyancing lawyers. The following text elaborates on the different stages in a Conveyancing transaction.

  • The Pre Contract Stage:-
    • The pre contract stage involves the communication of documents between the Conveyancing Lawyers of both the buyer and seller.
      • The Seller instructs their lawyer to prepare pre contract package for the buyer that contains all evidence of the seller’s rights to sale the property.
      • The Buyer’s lawyer then verifies the documents in this package for authenticity and possible issues.
      • The Buyer’s lawyer then conducts pre-contract searches of the property in question.
      • The after the above steps the buyer confirms that he is financially able to proceed with the transaction.
      • After all relevant checks have been made and all negotiations have been concluded two copies of the contract are printed and signed by both the buyer and seller.
      • Finally, both parties exchange contracts to signify that a binding contract has been entered into. At which point the buyer will pay a deposit.

  After the above steps the deal progresses towards The Post Contract/Pre Completion Stage and the Post Completion Stage.

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