May 12

Understanding Collaborative Law With the Help of Family Law Solicitors

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Understanding Collaborative Law With the Help of Family Law Solicitors

Most divorce or child custody cases are settled without the court’s involvement. However, if matters are lengthy or complicated then the case may reach court only to be settled by the judge. It is always preferred that the dispute is settled through careful mediation or collaborative law. The following text elaborates on the role of family law solicitors in the implementation of collaborative law.

What is Collaborative Law?

Like mediation, collaborative law is based on negotiations between two parties without litigation in courts. Unlike mediation, collaborative law involves family law solicitors on both sides to assist in the negotiation process. The concept has been well established in the US and Canada, and as of 2003 it has also become common in the UK.

Initial Phases of Collaborative Law:-

If you have decided on this path then you will have to meet with your solicitor first to instruct them about the situation. You will also have to get in touch with the other party to encourage them for opt collaborative law as well. If the other party has already done so then both family law solicitors can get in touch and arrange the first meeting. After the first meeting both parties will have to sign a collaborative agreement. Following this meeting both parties will engage in a series of meetings till a conclusion is reached.

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