Jul 14

Wills Solicitors

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Wills Solicitors

A will is a legal declaration by which a person states how his/her assets are to be divided among heirs after death. Without a will, these affairs may fall into the hands of the government due to which the outcome may be left undecided for an indefinite period.

An expert Wills Solicitor should be capable of handling all aspects of Wills and Probate comprising of :-

  • ¬†Drafting a will.
  • Inspecting objects to include within the Will.
  • Locating and helping heirs in carrying out the Will.
  • Preservation of the Will.

To avoid misunderstandings afterwards, an elaborate will should clearly state the following :-

  • The custodians of
    • Children younger than 18, if any.
    • Business affairs, in case the deceased was the sole owner.
    • Family pets, if any.
  • Circumstances of the previous spouse if he/she remarries.
  • Preferences in funeral preparations, if any.
  • The division of property among heirs.

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